Child care centre

Is it safe? Here’s how to have your say

After examining the evidence, many people are coming to the conclusion that a large 80 place child care centre right on the intersection of the Central Coast Highway and Old Gosford Road is just too risky.

Does not comply with planning guidelines

Though Council has not made a decision yet, we know that Council’s own guidelines are clear that a child care centre should not be located opposite an intersection.

Part 3..9.3.2 of the Gosford Development Control Plan 2013 states clearly that Child Care Centres:

…..should not be located in a cul-de-sac, opposite an intersection or on any other road where additional vehicles may create traffic conflict or adverse impact on the amenity of the area.

But, Council is not obligated to enforce this guideline: the Council only has to give it “some consideration” though it is hoped that the new Council will not adopt the previous Gosford Council’s haphazard approach to enforcing important planning requirements.

This is not a normal community based child care centre: it is a mega centre accommodating at least 80 children whereas most neighbourhood child care centres only accommodate 40 children.

The risks from locating these large child care centres on state highways and major intersections is increasingly being recognised by responsible planning authorities.

In Western Australia, child care centres must not be located where access is from a major road, in close proximity to a major intersection, or from a local access street where parking and traffic impact on local amenity.

In the ACT, child care centres must be separated from safety hazards such as busy roads .

Even the NSW Government recommend that child care centres be separated from major roads.

NSW 2008 child care seperation from main road

Too many tragedies and near misses

There are too many tragedies and near misses to be ignored.

News report after news report shows clear evidence as to why jurisdictions around the world are banning child care centres at intersections and on highways:

So please have your say now by letting Council know what you think.

Have your say

You can have your say by sending a letter to Council.

You can download the sample objection letter and simply add your details and send it to Council or email them at

Sharing your views, thoughts and concerns is very important on major issues like this.

Sample letters

Community members have prepared a number of sample letters to make it easier for you to have your say.

There are two sample letters to the Central Coast Council, one to the Roads and Maritime Services who have a big say as they own the Central Coast Highway and the roundabout and another letter to Adam Crouch MP, Member for Terrigal.

Writing your own letter – what to say

Your comments should express the things that are important to you.

Just express your comments in plain, everyday language. Simply:

  • Introduce yourself (you can include your experience and/or special qualifications) and acknowledge the opportunity to make a comment on the proposed development.
  • Outline your key concerns and focus your discussion on these.
  • It is not necessary to address every detail in the proposal. Simply choose the parts that are most relevant to you.
  • If possible, make recommendations using strong clear statements.
  • You can use your personal experiences as well as evidence, case studies and stories to support your arguments.
  • And always be polite and respectful.

Don’t be afraid to encourage your family, neighbours and friends to send in their comments. A large number of comments sends a strong message to decision makers and can be used to help raise the profile of your concerns.

You can copy any of the content on this web page, our previous post, our sample objection letter.

Where to send your comments


You can email your comments to Simply add “DA51671/2017 Child care centre Wamberal” in the subject line.


Submissions to Council can also be made online but you need to scroll down the long list to find it:



You can also post a letter to:

Central Coast Council

49 Mann Street



If you need any help, just contact us and we will get back to you.

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