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New boarding house on Ocean View Drive & Prince St?

Council is considering an application for a nine-room boarding house on the corner of Ocean View Drive and Prince Street Wamberal.
UPDATE: Council has extended the period for submissions until 5pm Friday 16 September 2016.
If approved, it would consist of nine studio type apartments in two buildings.
Many in the community are concerned that development looks more like nine studio apartments rather than a boarding house, that it is highly unsuitable in an R2 low density residential zone with major traffic issues and could be easily converted to high cost, short term tourist accommodation in the future.

Willoughby Road petition

Friends of Jackson Williams lay flowers at Willoughby Road

Following the death of a passenger on Sunday night, there is a new Change.org petition to have work done to address safety at the notorious Willoughby Road causeway.
Thee have been a large number of crashes and near misses over the years. The road becomes very slippery even after heavy dew and the golf course frequently has to repair the fence caused by cars hitting it.