Protected flora in Wamberal

Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve has the largest remnants of littoral rainforest on the Central Coast subject to the State Environmental Planning Policy 26 – Littoral Rainforests (SEPP 26) as well as:

  • significant wetlands listed under SEPP 14 – Coastal Wetlands
  • threatened sea grass beds
  • ten vegetation communities
  • a system of refuge areas for native plant and animal communities on the Central Coast.

In addition, the Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve protects a large range of threatened flora including two threatened flora species:

Syzygium paniculatum 040422-5917

  1. Syzygium Paniculatum which is only found in three other reserves, and
  2. Chamaesyce Psammogeton.

The low open forest is dominated by protected swamp mahogany (Eucalyptus Robusta) and bangalay (Eucalyptus Botryoides) with a mixed heath/sedge understorey and a tall layer of:

Elsewhere there are tracts of melaleuca closed shrubland, reedbeds and sedgelands.

On the north-western boundary fresh water seepage from the cemetery supports herbland containing Haloragis sp. and Vphaerolobium vimineum.

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