Wamberal Park in Wairakei Road

Wamberal Park was renovated in 2009 with funding from the Federal Government following a campaign by  local residents.

Situated in a bushland setting off a local road with adjacent cycle path, the park has lots of open space, toilets, tables and trees for shade.

Equipment includes:

  • a fenced toddler specific play area
  • a flying fox
  • a giant rope spiders web
  • swings
  • slides
  • an adult exercise area with gym style equipment.

There is also a large open grass area to throw a ball around. A slow meander through the paperbark forest at the back of the grassed area will take you through part of the Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve and bring you to the shores of Wamberal Lagoon.

The playground is partially fenced off from the road.

There is a group of parents (and grandparents) meeting in the park every Monday at 3:30 pm.

Lett Park, Wiles Avenue, Wamberal

Lett Park is in a lovely tree lined setting with plenty of parking opposite the Wamberal Surf Life Saving CLub. There is also a bus stop on Ocean View Drive near Dover Road.

Sadly, Council removed all the play ground equipment a few years ago and never replaced it, but there is plenty of room to play a ball game and have a run around.

And of course the beach is just a short stroll over the sand or you can take the little ones on a short adventure through the forest to the Wamberal Lagoon on Remembrance Drive.

The grown ups can buy a coffee from the Point Cafe in the surf club and the popular Lotus 127 Ocean View cafe is nearby at the corner of Dover Road and Ocean View Drive.

There are public toilets in Wiles Avenue.

Lucinda Avenue Park, Wamberal

Lucinda Avenue Park is located off Ocean View Drive adjacent to the Wamberal Memorial Hall in Lucinda Avenue. The equipment is quite old but it is fenced and there are toilet facilities adjacent to the hall. There is a bus stop nearby.

Hill Top Road Park, Wamberal

Hill Top Road Park is located at the intersection of Hill Top Road and Rysdyk Parade and there is a bus stop nearby. Council recently removed all the equipment and has so far failed to replace it. The park is unfenced and there are no toilet facilities.

Benjamin Parker Reserve, Dover Road, Wamberal

Benjamin Parker Reserve is located at the intersection of Dover Road and Lake View Road. Though this park has plenty of shade and is in a central location for young families with a bus stop nearby, there is no playground equipment, the park is unfenced and there are no toilet facilities.

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  1. Gosford Council has the Benjamin Parker Reserve on the list of lots it thinks are surplus to requirements and can be sold. Please check the minutes of the Council meeting on September 8 and contact Councillors for further information. The land needs to be reclassified from community (which cannot be sold) to operational (which can be). That reclassification will be put on public exhibition shortly. If Wamberal residents value this reserve, please make submissions to council to keep the land in public hands.

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