Better Planning Network

The Wamberal Action Group is a supporter of the Better Planning Network.

The Better Planning Network was formed at the end of August 2012 by community groups concerned about the NSW Government’s new planning laws as outlined in its Green Paper.

The network’s aim is to achieve a fair planning system in NSW that is driven by Ecologically Sustainable Development principles, has community wellbeing at its core and protects our environment as well as the natural and cultural heritage of NSW for the benefit of the citizens of NSW.

Like the Wamberal Action Group, the Better Planning Network is not affiliated with, and does not accept donations from, any political party.

Affiliated groups

The Better Planning Network has 340 affiliated community groups across NSW,,.

Professional expertise

The Better Planning Network has access to the expertise of a diversity of professionals, many with decades of experience in the fields of architecture, planning and planning law.

Supporting responsible growth and development

Like the Wamberal Action Group, the Better Planning Network is neither anti-growth nor anti-development.

We believe that growth can be positive and there are many ways of achieving good development – it simply requires the application of intelligent and creative thought and a strong commitment to ethical development.

The Wamberal Action Group supports the efforts of the Better Planning Network in striving to attain a fair and responsible planning system where growth and development that:

  • actually enhances the liveability of communities through appropriate development and infrastructure (“communities” being the people who live in the area in which the growth and development is occurring)
  • maintains or enhances our natural environment, and
  • preserves our cultural heritage.

The Better Planning Network also wants to see a planning system that minimises the risk of corruption.

ICAC has produced 30 reports exposing likely and actual corrupt conduct involving the NSW planning system, along with numerous reports concerning the potential for corruption within the system

We do not believe that the planning reforms outlined in the Green Paper will encourage appropriate development that minimises corruption and enhances the wellbeing of our communities.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption has formally raised a number of serious concerns about the risks of corruption, notably regarding local Council’s, enterprise zones and merit assessment.

The way forward

The current planning system is easily open to corruption at many levels and is in need of reform. However, we will not support a planning system that promotes economic growth to the detriment of community wellbeing, our environment and heritage.

It is also clear to us that a planning system which does not have the support of communities across NSW is bound to fail sooner or later. This view is supported by the report on the independent Planning System Review by Tim Moore and Ron Dwyer, which identifies community acceptance as one of two elements required for a reformed planning system to work well.

On this basis, it is in the interests of all to have a planning system which is acceptable not only to developers but to communities also.

Such a planning system would need to be perceived as fair by all parties. This is not the case with many of the planning reforms outlined in the Green Paper.

To affiliate with the Better Planning Network as a group or individual, please email the Better Planning Network at

More information is available on the Better Planning Network website and their Facebook site.

In the meantime, please take a minute to email Barry O’Farrell and send a message to your local MP.

You can also send a Votergram to all NSW MPs, with tools and support on how to word your message and manage MP responses.

Votegrams – some info

FairGO established Votergrams in 1986. This communication mechanism allows low cost effective communications with politicians on any issue, large or small.To remain independent, FairGO receives no government support. Thus it has been chiefly funded by personal donations from users who also pay small fees for services. It has no party-political preferences whatsoever. Electing politicians is up to the people. FairGO wants whoever is elected to do what the people want. Hardly unreasonable!

FairGO has also sought to avoid becoming a power base, believing that instead, power should rest with the people it helps. It runs YOUR issues rather than asking you to support ITS issues.

Fairgo was formed to assist and advise individuals, small businesses and community groups wanting to influence governments more effectively. Where people or groups do not have the time, experience or inclination, FairGO will conduct their campaigns for them.

See the Votegram website for more information and list of campaigns.

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