Lagoon, hinterland and homes

The interface between the Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve and the low density residential, rural and hinterland areas to the north and south form part of the environmental significance of the reserve.

The low density rural and coastal hinterland areas (classified as ‘Open Woodland Hillsides’ environment) form an interrelated and interdependent eco system to the Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve

Because the surrounding area has been protected from inappropriate land use and high density developments for many years, the lagoon retains a relatively unmodified biophysical system.

Though the lagoon, beach and surrounding areas have been protected from inappropriate development, there is a severe and ongoing threat to this dynamic coastal eco-system and its unique environmental and scenic significance and beauty.

Development that is incompatible with the surrounding area will demonstrably harm the environmental and scenic qualities of our unique coastal environment.

It was particularly disappointing that Gosford City Council approved a highly controversial high rise commercial development despite an independent town planning assessment strongly recommending against its approval.

The NSW State Government also approroved a highly controversial development at Forresters Beach using a flawed bio banking assessment. The proposal was so flawed even Gosford City Council refused approval on two occasions.

And there is more pressure to approve the destruction of more bushland at Forresters Beach to allow more development – development that would not only seriously impact the environment but also undermine the significant economic benefits the lagoon provides to thousands of residents as well as business and property owners.

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  1. We have 2 acres up on the hill off Tumbi Road which is apparently in the Wamberal Lagoon catchment. The Central Coast Council has refused to allow us to put a residence on the property for my elderly parents, but apparently, much higher density housing is allowed. The new Forresters Beach housing estate development and retirement village have been allowed to go ahead even though they too are in the Wamberal lagoon catchment. There are some seriously worrying decisions made by our town planners.

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