Wamberal Memorial Hall

Save Wamberal Memorial Hall

There is now no impediment to the Central Coast Council demolishing the Wamberal Memorial Hall because of a “mistake” made by Gosford Council.

Council classified the land as “Operational land” – the same classification used for council works depots, quarries, sewer plants etc.

Council has no ethical right to sell our prized community assets without the consent of the people.

To stop the hall from being demolished, we need the new Central Coast Council to rectify the mistake and work constructively and co-operatively with the community to preserve and enhance the hall for future generations.

Our position

It is the position of the Wamberal Community Group that Council has no ethical right to sell our prized community assets without the consent of the people, especially when the property was privately built on privately donated land.

Yet, Council is doing just that: seeking to demolish a privately built hall on privately donated land without community consent!

It is a registered War Memorial that is self funding and used daily

Wamberal Memorial Hall is a living memorial for our village. Built in 1920 on privately donated land, it is a registered War Memorial that is self funding and used daily: virtually every Wamberal resident in the past 96 years has been through the hall to either vote, to socialise, to see a play or concert or to dance.

Email Council

You can email the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Coast Council, Mr Rob Noble, asking him to work with the community to preserve and enhance this important part of our heritage so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of this popular and living memorial dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for Australia.

The email address is: Rob.Noble@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

Petition to save the hall

Please sign our petition asking the Minister for the Environment, Minister for Heritage, and Assistant Minister for Planning, the honourable Mark Speakman SC MP, to:

stop the Central Coast Council from demolishing the Wamberal Memorial Hall and selling the associated park that was bequeathed to the memory of those who served.

You can download the petition to save the Wamberal Memorial Hall and get your work colleagues, family and friends to sign it.

Please email wamberalcommunitygroup@gmail.com and we will come and collect them.

“Operational land” versus “Community land”

Council can demolish this hall immediately because of a “mistake” by Gosford Council in classifying the land as “Operational land”.

It is very bizarre to regard Wamberal Memorial Hall and park as “Operational land”.

“Operational land” is land used for council works depots, quarries, sewer plants etc.

You could not get anything more removed from any definition of “Operational land” than the Wamberal Memorial Hall. It is not a works depot, a quarry or a sewer plant: it is a community asset.

A little bit of history

Built by the community in 1920 on land privately donated by Mr Edwards in 1919, the Wamberal Memorial Hall on Ocean View Drive is bequeathed to the memory of the ANZACS who sacrificed their lives for Australia.

The hall and park have been continually used since 1920 as a community place: a place for dancing, plays, concerts, parties, churches, social balls, meetings and every local, state and federal election since 1922.

In 1977, the NSW Government vested the land to Council for protection.

Now the Central Coast Council wants to demolish the hall and sell the associated park following in the footsteps of its failed predecessor, the Gosford City Council. And they can do it now!

Memorial stones removed

At some stage, Gosford Council removed the memorial stones in the gardens though fortunately some community members managed saved some.

Wamberal Hall Management Committee

Wamberal Memorial Hall is managed by an independent “355 committee” that ensures it is self funding. They even mow the lawns and pay for maintenance.

Wamberal Community Group and the Wamberal Memorial Hall management committee are committed to working constructively with all levels of government to preserve and enhance this valuable community asset for current and future generations.

Funding opportunities

Mr Adam Crouch MP has advised us of funding opportunities for the hall and park through the excellent heritage initiatives of the NSW Government such as the Heritage Near Me initiative and other programs, but we need the support of the Council to have the land listed on Schedule 5 of a Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

We would like to see a new sensory park developed and do some enhancements to ensure the hall continues to meet the needs of our community into the future.

And the enhancements can be done at minimal cost if Council cooperates with the community.

Download the petition to save the Wamberal Memorial Hall

Online survey

What do you think the future of the hall and park should be?

More information on our surveys is on our new Have your say page.

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