Benjamin Parker Reserve

Help save Benjamin Parker Reserve

We have an opportunity to save Benjamin Parker Reserve from being sold by sending a “submission”, which is just a letter or email, to the new Central Coast Council.

Details on how to send an email or letter to Council are listed below.

Privately donated to the community

Benjamin Parker Reserve was privately donated to the community for a park and playground, but Council now wants to make a quick profit by selling your Reserve, even though they never paid one cent towards it. Selling this park is unethical, unsupported and unnecessary.

Better parks: not less parks

There is a shortage of good parks in Wamberal. We need a network of walkable, attractive parks that provide a place to meet and for children to participate in physical and social play. Yet Council expects young children to walk to Wairakei Rd: a 20 minute walk with no footpaths and no pedestrian crossings! And parking in Wairakei Rd is dangerous.

Your legal right to have your say

Unfortunately, Council is severely resisting input from members of the community. They have set-up a “public meeting” mid-afternoon on Wednesday 6 July (when many are at work or have other commitments) and they only allocated a few minutes for people to have a say about them selling our park. Plus they refuse to provide documented reasons as to why they want to sell this community asset.

A submission can be a simple email or letter

But under the legislation we have an opportunity to tell them that we want “better parks, not less parks” by making submissions opposing the sell off. And a submission can be a simple email or letter: and short, simple and direct letters and emails are enormously effective. You can also choose to send a copy to our state and federal MPs, which doubles or triples the impact.

Send an email or letter – help is here

To get you started we developed sample letters that you can copy and change to add your thoughts and we have a series of dot points that you can use in your submission.

And, if you need any help just email us and we will get back to you.

Email your concerns and submissions to or

And you can also get your friends and family from outside the area to send in an email or letter. Submissions close on Wednesday 20 July.

List of sample letters and dot points

Benjamin Parker Reserve – sample letter 1 [Word version]

Benjamin Parker Reserve – sample letter 2 [Word version]

Benjamin Parker Reserve – sample letter 3 [Word version]

List of dot points for use in letters and emails

Summary points to support the importance of parks with academic references

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