Willoughby Road petition

Following the death of a passenger on Sunday night, there is a new petition to have work done to address safety at the notoriousWilloughby Road causeway.

Thee have been a large number of crashes and near misses over the years. The road becomes very slippery even after heavy dew and the golf course frequently has to repair the fence caused by cars hitting it.

The petition is titled “Stop deaths on Willoughby Rd, Wamberal, install chicanes and level roadway at causeway”.

Jackson Williams’ mum, Michelle, wrote:

“I am heartbroken and devastated and hurt so much I can’t handle it at times.”

“I hope and pray that no parent goes through what I am right now.

“I hope and pray that this petition makes a difference for the future and gives solace to my son’s friends/best mates who were also hurt in the accident­.

“Please listen to us. As a resident of the Coast all my life, I am aware of the dip on the road and the notoriety of it.

“I want to scream but who will hear me? Please sign to help prevent further loss of life. Please.”

Fixing this notorious blackspot will help make a big difference for everyone.

The petition is aiming to reach 5000 supporters before it is delivered to Robertson federal Liberal MP Lucy Wicks and Central Coast Council so lets get behind this initiative.

And a big thank you to Lindy Hewett for organising the petition.

Lindy Hewett

Lindy Hewett


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