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Wamberal Memorial Hall facing demolition!

Gosford Council is planning to demolish the Wamberal Memorial Hall in Ocean View Drive.

Wamberal Memeorail Hall

Wamberal Memorial Hall – dedicated on New Years Day 1921 to the local men who served and lost their lives in World War One.

Dedicated to the memory of those who served and lost their lives fighting for Australia, this hall has been the centre of community life since its opening on 1 January 1921 and is the last remaining intact memorial in the area.

Despite unprecedented community opposition, Council recently voted to sell the land next to the hall to property developers.

You don’t need to be a genius to see what Council is up to: demolish this historic hall, package it up with the surrounding park and playground and sell it to one of their developers.

Their bodies sacrificed to bullets and bombs.

Their memories betrayed by Council for dollars. 

Wamberal District Honour Roll

From 1914 to 1915, from the Middle East, to Gallipoli and Western Europe, their lives were destroyed as discredited generals threw these young men against machine guns and cannons.

A hundred years later, and a discredited council wants to destroy the memories of these heroes for little more than a fistful of developer dollars.

WW1 diggers from the 5th Divisoon 1916

Australian soldiers from the fifth division on the Western Front in 1916

Mayor Lawrie McKinna has been approached to give assurances that this Memorial Hall will be maintained and preserved but has not responded so far. Lets hope he is doing the decent thing and fighting to protect the precious memories of our heroes and save this hall.

Gallipoli, Turkey. 25 April 1923. Buglers sounding the last post

Buglers sounding the last post at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli on 25 April 1923. This was only two years after the Wamberal Memorial Hall was dedicated in 1921 by EJ Loxton, KC, MLA and shows the depth of loss felt across the nation.

More to come…



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  1. It’s not just the memory of the fallen diggers, but the future of the families they fought for. They call it a community hall because it provides a service for members of the community, ongoing, and helps to support the whole notion of what it is to be part of a community; a notion that was well worth fighting for over a hundred years ago, and still is.

  2. I cannot believe Paul Anderson, the previous CEO of Gosford City Council, would even contemplate such an insult to our Diggers .. the current CEO or Administrator should immediately squash such a proposal and reassure the community this hall will be maintained for its use. @CentralCoastCouncil

    • Common decency and respect demand the decision be reversed. The long suffering residents of the Central Coast deserve a positive and constructive Council that is prepared to work with the community and stamp out the bad management that led to both Council’s being sacked.

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