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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Thank you for your support in 2016!

It has been a big year with many challenges with huge efforts to protect our parks, Memorial Hall and environment for the future but we have had many terrific outcomes with 2017 shaping up to be a positive year for our local community.

Benjamin Parker Reserve and adopt-a-park

Following the success in saving Benjamin Parker Reserve and Council’s resolution to develop an Adopt-a-Park style program, Council will be doing a pilot program on the East Gosford Reserve before expanding it to support other local groups who are interested in regular volunteering to care for their reserves.

More information will be coming in the New Year.

Wamberal Memorial Hall

There was a massive community campaign to prevent Gosford Council from selling the historic Wamberal Memorial Hall to developers. Investigations by the new Central Coast Council found that the original decision by previous councillors of the Gosford City Council to reclassify the land for sale was not legally valid.

A heritage report has now been prepared but we are still waiting on formal adoption of the heritage plan by the new Council. When the plan is adopted, more funding opportunities open up to preserve and improve the hall.

Wairakei Road to be upgraded

Council has proposed to reconstruct a Wairakei Road from the intersection with Ocean View Drive to Winston Street. This project would improve safety with improved parking and reduced congestion.

LakeView Road to be upgraded

Council is also proposing to reconstruct LakeView Road between Minell Close and Bundara Avenue to address the significant drainage and flooding issues. It would include a levee on the western side of the road adjacent to the lagoon, raising the road level, tidal flaps on the drainage outlets as well as kerb and guttering. The works should ensure flood-free access for residents.

Upgrading of Old Gosford Road

Council continued work on upgrading Old Gosford Road with kerb and guttering and new footpaths now extending past Leonard Avenue. This work is making it much safer for pedestrians especially very young children.

Wamberal Lagoon Business Plan

The Wamberal Lagoon Preservation Society prepared a thorough business plan to promote the partnership between the community, Council and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in improving Wamberal Lagoon.

John Holt’s new book launched

“Earlier times in the district of Wamberal” is a special book on the early history of Wamberal and is a must for every local family.

2016 storms

The worst storm since 1974 saw monster waves combine with the year’s highest tide to cause devastation to Terrigal businesses and infrastructure whilst homes along Wamberal Beach narrowly escaped serious damage.

Reforms to coastal protection legislation

The NSW Government proposed a new legislative and regulatory framework to better equip coastal communities to respond to existing and emerging coastal challenges and opportunities.

Willoughby Road fatality

Jackson Williams, a car passenger was killed at the notorious Willoughby Road causeway in July. A petition organised by Lindy Hewitt received over five thousands responses with Lucy Wicks MP accepting the petition to have work done to address safety.

Gosford Council sacked

The NSW Government sacked Gosford and Wyong councils with both mayors and all councillors dismissed. Ian Reynolds was appointed the administrator of the new Central Coast Council.


The spectacular poppies on the Skillion draw enormous attention across the nation and the world and three thousand people attended the Dawn Service on a crystal clear Terrigal morning.

Wamberal ANZACs

We learnt more about our heritage through the service of Private Bert Bean and Lt Colonel James G Tedder.

A local teen hero

A Wamberal teen risked his life to save a mum and daughter from dangerous surf in February.

Controversial boarding house

A developer proposed a nine-room boarding house at the corner of Ocean View Drive and Prince Street. The controversial development received a huge amount of objections from people who considered nine units on a normal residential block to be a gross overdevelopment of the site. The application has not been determined by Council yet.

We look forward to working with all of our members and supporters in 2017.

Best wishes for the holiday season!


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