Wamberal Lagoon

New Wamberal Community Business Plan

Many are unaware of the hard work to conserve and enhance the pristine and unique Wamberal Lagoon.

The Wamberal Lagoon Conservation Society has just published a key document to promote the partnership between the community, the new Central Coast Council and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NP&WS) in improving Wamberal Lagoon.

The Wamberal Community Business Plan is an important document that affects every resident and we encourage you to take the time to learn more about the wonderful area we call home.

High conservation value of Wamberal Lagoon 

Unlike many other coastal lagoons, Wamberal Lagoon is exceptionally rich in bird life. It is unique in that it is a black swan breeding lagoon; a resting lake and passageway for migratory birds and hosts a population of ducks, cormorants, swamp hens, egrets and herons as well as spoon bills, tawny frogmouth owls and sea eagles. This places a high conservation and educational value on the lagoon.

Aim of the Business Plan

The Wamberal Lagoon Conservation Society has prepared a business plan with the intention of partnering with the new Central Coast Council and NPWS to continue the good work in conserving and managing the Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve and adjacent areas.

The Gosford Lagoons Coastal Zone Management Plan 2015 contains Management Actions that require in-kind involvement from existing staff and the community and the new business plan shows how the Wamberal Lagoon Conservation Society fulfils its commitment to in-kind involvement from the community.

You can see the Business Plan here or view the plan online.

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