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WAMBERAL residents are furious that a development application for a 120-place childcare centre on what they consider to be a “totally inappropriate” site has been lodged with Gosford Council.

Reads Road  residents protest unsafe child care centre - 20 November 2013

Spokeswoman Lyn Colman said major concerns over the proposed site on the corner of Central Coast Highway and Reads Rd included noise levels, the inability of Reads Rd to cope with increased traffic levels and the safety of children attending the centre.

“This corner is already a notorious black spot and has been the scene of many accidents,” Ms Colman said.

“We are concerned that the children would be so close to a major highway.

“The extra traffic volume also worries us, with Reads Rd already a busy thoroughfare and in need of repair.

“Those parents who would want to walk their children to the centre would also face a perilous situation, with no clear pedestrian access on the highway.”

With 34 properties along Reads Rd, traffic flow is already substantial, the residents say.

The suburban street would be hard-pressed to cope with 60 or so parent vehicles each day, plus service vehicles.

Resident Anna Nolte said residents of the cul-de-sac, which is in a high-risk bushfire zone, were also concerned that the centre would put emergency vehicle access at risk in the event of a disaster.

“This is really not a good site for a childcare centre,” she said.

“Apart from anything else, residents would have to cope with increased noise levels from as early as 6am.”

Ms Colman also said that residents who have lodged submissions protesting the development have felt intimidated by actions from the council officers.

She said, for example, that she had been threatened with a fine of up to $1500 for displaying a sign in her bedroom window opposing the development.

Source: Terry Collins News Limited

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  1. We had a mother’s group meeting today on Terrigal beach to talk about child care centres and where we would choose to send our youngsters and this one came up and I said I put in two objections. I took a few new mums back to my place for coffee and I showed them all the reports and objections. It was an eye opener to them, being busy and not knowing what to do or how to join in.
    We came to the conclusion Council by their latest report has already given APPROVAL without caring one bit about us with the children we love and care about.
    We want safe child care centres for our children, not ones popping up on highways or on roads carrying a heavy load of traffic in or around our children.

    Putting everything together it stood out that they definitely have really not done their homework to a suitable acceptable standard regarding location and safety. No way!

    They have not even bothered to address the enormous future risk of danger to our children caused by over 500 car movements in and out of a cul-de-sac of all places of Reads Road to the CCH each day where it’s OUR children’s lives being played with like they mean nothing. I urge everyone to read the council’s report and tell me there’s not something horribly wrong. If council seriously showed concern and cared about our children, they would have found something to prevent this centre on this Highway. Can a copy of the report go on here?

    It was unanimous that none of us will ever use any centre with a location on or near a Highway, we are not taking that kind of risk. We even talked about pollution from the highway with cancers and a bus stop with cars having to turn around stationary buses and how easy collisions will be. It is rediculous to say the least. We really won’t risk losing our child to idiots speeding into a dead end road where this centre SHOULD NOT BE.

    We simply won’t risk it and our preference will be in the future for us to be favouring the smaller centre in a safer street. They’re just everywhere so there’s a lot of choice out there now. We also talked about the size for 120 kids? to many, just too many! It’s not China!

    We noticed how in this report Council have deliberately turned a blind eye to calculations on vehicle movements and refuse to answer emails. This is disgusting behaviour for a council who say they are here to LISTEN to the people – well how about RESPONDING to the people?
    10 Councillors and who got a response? I got none, did anybody else? not a phone call, not an email, not a recognition except an automatic standard response showing lack of concern and simply an insult telling me I was wasting my time writing.

    over 500 cars, yes 500 cars zooming around Reads Road on and off one of NSW’s biggest and busiest highways, not for my child!!!!!!!!!!! As caring young parents on the coast will be obliged to inform others at school and at mothers meetings we hold about what was written in all those 80ish submissions begging council not to approve this location.

    money dear councillers? how much? you are making people ask a lot of serious questions. we might need to call it ‘cash before kids’ lol

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