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Massive opposition to child care centre

Community concern over plans to develop a huge 120 place child care centre near Reads Road has resulted in over 70 objections opposing the development and its gathering momentum.

And  Gosford City Council staff appear to have already endorsed the proposed development in a private meeting on 23 May 2013 prior to the Development Application being lodged!

Documents report  Council as stating the development  “…represented an appropriate use of the property due to location and other site characteristics” and that it “…would assist in meeting a demand for child care centre places in the area”.

This is despite the very high levels of service provided by at least 14 quality child care centres within a short distance of the site and virtually all these centres have vacancies.

Statements such as these combined with Council’s continued efforts to thwart objections and protest seriously undermine the community’s view that Council is capable of making an impartial and rational assessment of this proposal.

In summary, this development should be refused due to:

  1. The location and design creates significant safety and traffic hazards that pose an unacceptable health and safety risk to children, parents, pedestrians and motorists.
  2. The lack of adequate, convenient and safe parking for residents, staff and visitors. The proposed underground parking is inadequate: the absence of onsite parking for staff and parents will create unacceptable impacts on residents, motorists and pedestrians and random street parking will dominate the semi rural streetscape.
  3. Incompatibility with neighbouring land uses: the proposal does not integrate into the existing residential environment and is unnecessarily obtrusive in terms of size, bulk, height and the amount of landscaped area provided.
  4. Child care centres are not permitted at this site because it  is contrary to Council’s Development Control Plan 117. Section 7.4.3 states that a childcare centre should not be located in a cul-de-sac, opposite an intersection or on any other road (such as a classified “State Highway” with over 22,000 cars each day) where additional vehicles may create traffic conflict or adverse impact on the amenity of the area. The location does not comply with any of these requirements.
  5. Bushfire risks.
  6. The amenity of adjoining neighbours is significantly compromised.
  7. The detrimental affects on neighbouring residents from industrial level noise emissions from
  8. The absence of commercial demand for this type of facility.
  9. The precedence it creates in over-development of land zoned for environmental and scenic protection.
  10. The location of such a large facility in a “neighbourhood” is contrary to the objectives of the Central Coast Regional Strategy. Compounding this incompatibility is the excessive distance from large demand sources for child care services such as a “Regional city” (Gosford); “Major centre” (Tuggerah-Wyong); “Employment lands” (Somersby Industrial Park, West Gosford, Lisarow, Berkeley Vale and Wyong North); “Town centres” (Bateau Bay, The Entrance, Erina, Lake Haven, Toukley, Warnervale and Woy Woy); or “Villages“ (Avoca Beach, Budgewoi, Chittaway Bay, East Gosford, Ettalong, Killarney Vale, Kincumber, Lake Munmorah, Lisarow, Long Jetty, Niagara Park, Ourimbah, Terrigal, Umina Beach, Wadalba, West Gosford and Wyoming).
  11. The economic impacts on businesses and the community from this proposed development.
  12. Non-compliance of the proposed development with Development Control Plan (DCP) No. 159.
  13. Land and Environment Court Principles concerning amendments to set backs.
  14. Land and Environment Court Decisions concerning the responsibility of Council’s to refuse developments that are incompatible with area character statements.
  15. The proposed development would not be permitted under the draft Local Environment Plan endorsed by Council.  Council is obligated by the Land and Environment Court to to give full consideration to  the drat LEP in its assessment as per Stockland Development Pty Ltd v Manly Council [2004] NSWLEC 472.

Now Council are making it very difficult to lodge submissions.

Send your objections to the General Manager, Gosford City Council (but do not use original signatures or information you do not want the public (or criminals) to know such as mobile phone numbers etc as Council act very irresponsibly in publishing them) by:

Alternatively you can try to open this link to their DA submissions page and scroll down all the Development applications until your find “Reads Group” and select ‘Comment”. Its is not easy and does not meet the required web standards for accessibility. But since when has Council cared about making their website usable and accessible?

Proposed child care centre Image courtesy of Gosford City Council

Proposed child care centre
Image courtesy of Gosford City Council

Proposed child care centre Image courtesy of Gosford City Council

Proposed child care centre
Image courtesy of Gosford City Council

Proposed child care centre Image courtesy of Gosford City Council

Proposed child care centre
Image courtesy of Gosford City Council

Proposed child care centre Image courtesy of Gosford City Council

Proposed child care centre
Image courtesy of Gosford City Council

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  1. I’m extremely shocked that council has already ‘secretly’ endorsed this enormous commercial development for Wamberal Village Hamlet under the 7c2 zoning.

    Don’t kids lives mean anything? A darn heavy traffic HIGHWAY where little 3 year old Johnnie can run right in front of a semi-trailer? are they serious? Does this council want childrens blood on their hands? Why is it councils in other municipalities put the kids lives first by insisting child care centres MUST be 100 mtr from any main road? Does council not recognise the newly upgraded Entrance Road as a main road to handle increasing volumes of traffic over the next decade?

    I tell you if this goes ahead and anybody’s killed on that highway associated with using the facility, GOSFORD COUNCILLORS WILL HAVE THIS ON THEIR HEADS. So far, there have been no fatalities on this section of road! put a mix of 200 kids a day back and forwards around the centre so darn close to trucks, semi trailers, speeding teenagers it is investable something WILL go wrong involving the highway. A mother pushing a pram, kids playing chasings focusing on their game and not the cars while parents stand around talking inside or outside the centre just mtrs from the highway. This is the wrong location and Gosford council must not approve the potential of ‘a child being killed”.

  2. Minutes of Meeting 19 November –

    AND DA 42661/2012 AVOCA BEACH THEATRE (IR 14808968)
    Councillor: Burke
    Councillor Morris declared her significant non-pecuniary interest in relation to this item, under Chapter 14 of the Local Government Act 1993, as she has business and personal relationship with the residents and the Developer.
    Councillor Morris left the meeting at 7.21 pm.
    MOVED (Burke/Doyle) that the recommendation in report UM.10 be adopted.
    On being put to the meeting the MOTION WAS CARRIED.
    2013/641 RESOLVED that:
    A To allow the Councillors to be briefed, and recognising the community interest in these
    two current Development Applications, Council request the General Manager to
    arrange a site inspection of the proposed Childcare Centre at 1 Reads Road
    Wamberal and the redevelopment of Avoca Beach Theatre with the respective
    applicants and those residents who made submissions on the applications.
    B Council request the General Manager to arrange these inspections to occur prior to the
    matters being reported to the Council for determination.
    Councillor Morris returned to the meeting at 7.24 pm.

    Note: Interesting statement about Hillary Morris.

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