Wamberal Memorial Hall

Save Wamberal Memorial Hall – sign the petition tomorrow

People will be able to sign the petition to save Wamberal Memorial Hall tomorrow July 2 after they vote.

The hall has been a polling place for every local, State and Federal election since 1922 and the petition is seeking the support of the NSW Minister for Heritage to list the hall as a heritage item.

Council are seeking to sell this historic hall and park on Ocean View Drive that was built by the community in 1920 on privately donated land.

Today is particularly poignant as it is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of Battle of the Somme where more than one million men were wounded or killed: one of the bloodiest battles in human history.

Wamberal Memorial Hall is dedicated to the ANZACS and veterans from our area who served and lost their lives fighting for Australia like Private Bert Bean and Lt Colonel JG Tedder and his five sons.

The NSW Government vested it to Council for protection in 1977 but Council is looking to demolish it and sell the park!

Used daily and independently managed, we need the Wamberal Memorial Hall and park in Ocean View Drive, Wamberal to be preserved and protected.

Importantly, it is this last original memorial in the area. It remains a living and practical memorial to all who served with many descendants still living in the area.

Almost every resident in Wamberal in the past 100 years has had some connection with Wamberal Memorial Hall and it must remain a vital link between our veterans and the young and old of our area.

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