Central Coast Council

Safety concerns for proposed 103 place child care centre

Plans for a new 103 place ‘for profit’ child care centre at the intersection of the Central Coast Highway and High Valley Close have been submitted to the Central Coast Council.

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Site contamination

Areas of the site are likely to be heavily contaminated from an old underground storage tank that stored hazardous chemicals as well as from building and construction waste that has been dumped on the site since the 1970s. A geotechnical report based on 4 holes and site walk over has been provided to Council by the developer.

Site location

Many in the community are concerned about the safety of children and feel that the location of the site on a classified State Highway and so close to the intersection makes it unsuitable for a child care centre.


Notification plans for huge 103 place childcare facility

You can view all the documents on Councils website. (Warning: The Council website is not compliant with accessibility standards and people with a disability may not be able to access the information.)

Have your say

Despite the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Council are taking a hardline stand on this application and insisting that all submissions be received to them by 22 April 2020.

You can make your submission using Council’s:

DA 58066:2020

Your submission, whether online or in writing, must be received by Council by the closing date for public exhibition of the DA. Any late submissions may not be considered.

What to say

Just express your comments in plain, everyday language. Simply:

  • Introduce yourself (you can include your experience and/or special qualifications) and acknowledge the opportunity to make a comment on the proposed development.
  • Outline your key concerns and focus your discussion on these.
  • It is not necessary to address every detail in the proposal. Simply choose the parts that are most relevant to you.
  • If possible, make recommendations using strong clear statements.
  • You can use your personal experiences as well as evidence, case studies and stories to support your arguments.
  • And always be polite and respectful.

What to expect

Council will send you an acknowledgement letter. They will refuse to answer or address any questions or issues put forward in your submission. It is likely that the developer and Council will meet after the closing date for submissions and have further discussions about the development. If they agree to amend the plans, Council should notify you.

Number of submissions

Don’t be afraid to encourage your family, neighbours and friends to send in their comments. A large number of comments sends a strong message to decision makers and can be used to help raise the profile of your concerns.

  • If there are between 10 and 14 submissions or petitions totalling 50 or more signatures, a “Business Update” will be prepared and sent to each Councillor. The “Business Update” will outline the number of submissions, objections and/or petitions received and the issues that were raised. Two or more Councillors can request a “Call Up Request” to the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Coast Council, Mr Gary Murphy or a relevant Central Coast Council Director. If no Councillor requests a “Call Up Request” then the Development Application will be determined “under Delegation” by a Council employee.
  • If there are more than 15 objections  (not including petitions) the application will be reported to an “Ordinary Meeting of Council” for consideration, unless:
    • The application is recommended for refusal or
    • A Council Director feels that there have been enough changes  made to the development and there was a reduction in the number of objections (to 14 or less) as a result of any later re-notification.

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