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Have your say on Wamberal War Memorial Hall

Built by the community in 1920 on privately donated land, Wamberal Memorial Hall is dedicated to the memory of those who fought for Australia like the remarkable Lt Colonel James Tedder and his sons.

Wamberal Memorial Hall on Ocean View Drive

Wamberal Memorial Hall and park on Ocean View Drive – Gosford Council wants to sell.

The NSW Government vested it to Council for protection in 1977. However Gosford Council has voted to sell the hall and the park along with 42 other playgrounds, parks and reserves.

What do you think the future of the hall and park should be?

More information on our surveys is on our new Have your say page.

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  1. Please do not sell Wamberal Memorial Hall. I was at the dawn service at Terrigal last Monday. There are more and more people attending each year. It is almost impossible to find a parking space anywhere in Terrigal by 5am. It is important that this gift to the local community MUST NOT BE SOLD. Please. Please. Do not sell Wamberal Memorial Hall. Alison Heathcote (ex-British Army Captain and staunch supporter of all military memorabilia so that our children and our children’s children do not forget the horror of war and the dedication of our Armed Services – past and present.)

  2. I understand that the Wamberal Memorial Hall has history, but what is the point of keeping the hall when it is not available for use by the community as it is being used as a private dance studio.

    • Hi Jodie-Ann
      Thanks for your comment. The point we are making is that the hall should be used by dance schools, music tutoring, concerts whatever you can think of as it is a “living memorial” to those who served. Private Bert Bean was killed in action in at the first Battle of Bullecourt in 1917 and he left his entire estate to a local four year old girl. Surely we can model our actions on his to make sure the park is useful for young children? What matters most is that it is used to benefit the community. The park used to be wonderful till Council set about destroying it. The NSW Government has a lot of grants that can be used to enhance the hall and further improve it but Council refuse to cooperate. It is a community asset and should not be sold to simply line the pockets of those who contribute nothing to the area.

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