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Benjamin Parker Reserve to be sold to developers

Gosford Council wants to sell the community park on the corner of Dover Road and Lake View Road, known as Benjamin Parker Reserve.

The fire sale of this valuable park means that Wamberal parents will have even less areas where children can play in safety.

This park has plenty of shade and is in a central location for young families with a bus stop nearby.

It should be preserved and a quality playground and picnic facilities installed to benefit the whole community.

Council have not made this decision widely known, probably because there is simply no sound reason to support the sale.

And Council has not said how any funds raised will be spent to benefit ratepayers in Wamberal despite the significant loss amenity to our community.

It goes before Council on Tuesday 8 September 2015.

It is outrageous that Council has only given 4 working days notice and hid the proposal on page 103 of the agenda.

You can contact the councillors using the details below:

Councillor Lawrie McKinna


Mobile: 0427 682 071

Office: 4325 8296

Fax: 4323 6268

Councillor Bob Ward


Mobile: 0427 654 152

Fax: 4323 6268

Councillor Deanna Bocking


Mobile: 0427 675 450

Fax: 4323 6268

Councillor Gabby Bowles


Mobile: 0427 784 563

Fax: 4323 6268

Councillor Chris Burke


Mobile: 0401 717 555

Fax: 4323 6268

Councillor Craig Doyle


Mobile: 0408 432 753

Fax: 4385 7796

Councillor Jim Macfadyen


Mobile: 0408 490 130

Fax: 4323 6268

Councillor Hillary Morris


Mobile: 0427 717 028

Fax: 4323 6268

Councillor Vicki Scott


Mobile: 0418 699 350

Fax: 4329 6367

Councillor Jeff Strickson


Mobile: 0407 013 599

Fax: 4323 6268

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