Benjamin Parker Reserve

Thurs nite – submission workshop to save our parks

Come down to the Wamberal Surf Club on Thursday evening for a workshop to help draft your submissions to save Benjamin Parker Reserve and our other playgrounds and parks on the Central Coast.

Starting at 7:15 pm, we will have computers and printers set up so you can prepare your submission on the spot.

We will also have templates prepared and you can choose from a wide range of relevant points so you can personalise your submission and make it uniquely yours.

Did you know that to match Wagga, the Council would need to build a further 180 playgrounds.

Hope to see you there but if you can’t make it, we already have a range of resources on this website including a list of  sample letters and dot points like these as well as dot points with academic references to support the importance of parks.

You can also email us and we will assist you prepare your own submission.

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  1. Great idea, you do a fantastic job Richard. I’ve sent mine by post already since gosford council don’t realise that are in the 21st century.
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