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Lawrie McKinna votes to sell parks

Sadly at tonights Council meeting, Mayor Laurie McKinna and a majority of his councillors voted to continue with the sale of community parks.

The decision was universally condemned by one of the largest, if not the largest turnout of residents at any Council meeting, all opposed to the sale of community parks.

CEO Paul Anderson stated that there was no financial need to sell these parks but a majority of Councillors still voted to continue the “process”.

Afterwards, many raised the question as to why sell the parks that our kids play in, if Council is in such a rosy financial position, as claimed.

One Councillor even claimed he never saw kids in the park but later admitted his own kids used to play in the park! Good for his kids, just not others?

The sales “process” will supposedly include Paul Anderson setting the terms to appoint an “independent arbitrator” to further the sales “process”. Given the standard set at tonights meeting, this does not inspire the community wth confidence.

More to follow.


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  1. I attended this meeting and compliment Mr Well;s dissertation to Council which unfortunately fell on the fallow ground observing the mayor and other Councillors body language and some cases their speeches it was patently evident to astute observers that the mayor presided over a public charade of Council administration and demonstrated its attitude towards ratepayers.

  2. What the hell…? So glad I left the area 20 years ago but,, Who the hell thinks it’s ok to sell off children’s playgrounds ?
    It would seem there is no stopping these maniac’s, pro development at a cost to society that will be looked back on with “SHAME”
    Shame on you Lawrie Who….?

  3. In view of the public hostility against this current Mayor and his liberal clique within Council, what else could one expect of the arrogant people playing reality Monopoly with ratepayers funds. The Tuesday night meeting was the absolute charade. No conscience, no emotions, no morals and no brains. What is the true motivation of Messrs McKinna, Burke, Ward, Sprinskston and Macfadyen, behind these driving stupid determinations?

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